ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム 1.20.7 Cheat MOD APK

ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム 1.20.7 Cheat MOD APK

ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム 1.20.7 Cheat MOD APK - An Overview

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 ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム Cheat

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オタク ガールズ RPG~美少女育成に萌え!





◆◇ 出演声優(順不同・敬称略)
新田ひより 鳥部万里子 内山夕実 藤井ゆきよ 村川梨衣 大空直美
山本亜衣 小倉唯 金元寿子 久保ユリカ 戸田めぐみ 小岩井ことり 森永千才 たかはし智秋


◆◇ 注意事項
※推奨機種は、Android6.0以上となります。(RAM 2GB以上必須)

◆◇ アプリ提供会社
“Pastel Memories” animated decision! ! /
Moe to geek girls RPG ~ Pretty training!

Topic in TVCM and Comiket exhibitors! Akihabara is a stage, flues of the latest Moe game RPG games to play for free!
Unusual cute girl is full of Pretty training game Free in 3D Battle! !
Cultivate cute girls, loves, the victory in the battle!

◆ ◇ story
Little future of 20XX year from now, once on stage the had been referred to as the “nerd of the Holy Land” why the town “Akihabara” that the culture had to decline, the player is one of the few left of “geek shop” become a store manager, along with the girl who nurture the talent of various geek who gather in the store, in order to regain the “memories” that was lost from people’s minds, we will unfold the mystery of the enemy and the battle.

◆ ◇ game content
■ Dive in various works world! Involuntarily be completely absorbed story!
Anime and manga, games, Ranobe was lost due to the influence of the virus that had possessed take a variety of works such as, regain the “memories” of the work of the people!
3D character and the main story of the full voice is just excitement of Moe game! Character is cute game!
Memorial change to change into ■ favorite clothes! !
Valentine’s uniforms maid swimwear Christmas … your change of clothes in a variety of costumes that you obtained!
Offer a special story of the full voice of the girl who every change of clothes costumes
■ Pretty training in various form! Friends become Board, released in part-time job! !
In addition to the training methods, such as strengthening and evolution-wake, dear degree of cute Moe character who is a part-time job is up!
To release the board release also powerups and special story to every befriend the girl who!
■ various world, incandescent in various costumes 3D battle RPG game! !
Enjoy simple operation, 3D battle game dressed in various costumes in various work world!
Special skills is triggered different for each costume, miss also crowded elements such as goods equipment!

◆ ◇ Pasumemo is recommended for such people!
I love Pretty training games and girl games apps
· 3d of cute girl dress-up can enjoy popular free game, you want simulation game play
Battle wants to enjoy the game of passionate girl Apps
Even more happy when there of and training simulation element
– looking for a play rpg also a beautiful girl game apps free
• The development of girl want to play is thoroughly Yareru rpg game
I want to play the popular battle game-free
And training simulation game, and among them, Pretty training are good people

◆ ◇ voice cast (in no particular order, titles omitted)
Nitta opportunistic bird part Uchiyama Mariko Yumi Yukiyo Fujii Rie Murakawa Naomi Ozora
Yamamoto Ai Yui Ogura Kanemoto Kubo Hisako Yurika Megumi Toda Koiwai birds Morinaga thousand-year-old Takahashi Chiaki

[Official Twitter]

◆ ◇ Notes
※ recommended models, it will be Android6.0 or more. (Required more RAM 2GB)
※ In such as some terminal or tablet, or disturbance display, there is a possibility that does not work properly.
※ communication with the server during the game progress will occur. Please enjoy communication possible environment.
※ This game is a basic free-to-play, but there is some paid items.
※ Because of this app service quality improvement, you will get the access log on the application. Please note.
※ If you took over the user data between iOS · Android, so you will not be able to take over data of the virtual Hijiriishi, please note.

◆ ◇ App company
Flue Co., Ltd.
Recommended popular girl games to play in the app free of charge here.
Mont daughter – REM
【予告】8月中にメインシナリオ『第7章』ついに解禁!?最速情報は7/27 18:00公開予定の公式番組『ぱすメモちゃんねる!』第8回にてチェック!


App Information of ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム 1.20.7 Cheat MOD APK

Apk Name ぱすてるメモリーズ【ぱすメモ】3DバトルRPG×美少女ゲーム
Package Name mod_ jp.furyu.pasumemo.apk
Version 1.20.7 mod
Rating 8.0 ( 2020 )
Size 58.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2018-07-23
Installs 50,000+


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