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ほしの島のにゃんこ Cheat MOD APK

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「ほしの島のにゃんこ」は、なぞるだけで誰でもカンタンに遊べる島づくりシミュレーションゲーム! 長い船の旅を終え、にゃんこたちがたどり着いたのは”ほし”の形をしたふしぎな島だった…。

さあ、ほしの島へお出かけをして、かわいいにゃんこといっしょに農業をして、牧場で動物を育てよう! 収穫したものからバターを作ったり、ケーキを焼いたり、たくさんの料理を覚えていけるよ。できた料理でお客さんにゃんこにいっぱい喜んでもらって、コインと星(経験値)をGET! もらったコインで新しい道具を買って、お花を飾って……どんどん自分だけの島をつくっていこう!



★遊び方はとっても簡単! なぞるだけの農園ゲーム★
大人はもちろん、小さなお子様でも気軽に遊べるよ! 作物を一気に収穫したときの爽快感はたまらない!
船に乗ってともだちの島へ遊びにいこう! ともだちの島ではラッキーアイテムが見つかることもあるよ!
★Android タブレット端末にも対応★


~おとなも こどもも ほしのしまへ おでかけしよう~

にゃんこたちは ながい ふねの たびを おえ…
ほしの かたちの ふしぎな しまに つきました…
はたけを たがやし、にわとりごやを つくり…
ちいさな おみせを たてました…
もうすぐ おみせの かんせいです―――


both adults and children educational app brand “Kumabea” first installment!
“Hoshino Island Nyanko” , the play to anyone easily by simply tracing island development simulation game ! After finishing the journey of long ship, the Nyanko-tachi was reached was a mysterious island in the shape of “STARS” ….

Now, with the outing to Hoshino Island, in the agriculture cute Nyanko and together, Grow an animal with ranch! You can make the butter from those harvested, you can bake the cake, and able to remember a lot of cooking. Can was to ask in full willing to audience nyanko cooking, bought a coin and the stars (experience value) GET the! I got was a new tool in the coin, let’s create an island of just getting yourself …… decorate flowers!

Thrilled with Nyanko-tachi, we are waiting daily fun island Gurashi!


★ How to play is very easy! Tracing only of farm game ★
Adults, of course, can play casually even small children! Exhilaration is irresistible when it was at once harvest the crops!
★ crazy cute gesture of Nyanko-tachi ★
And plowing the farm, you can cook, you can occasionally bother, Let be healed in cute action of sometimes angry … Nyanko-tachi!
★ more and more fun to remember the cuisine ★
I bake a cake, you can squeeze the juice, every time you make or … level up the cheese, Nyanko-tachi going to remember more and more new dishes!
★ also cute deco decorate the island full ★
Fashionable town decorations and fun amusement park decoration, decorate and Nyanko-tachi also a big pleasure! I also seasonal decorations ♪
★ clothes and opened! Nyanko can also be fashionable! ★
Hats and T-shirts, headgear is also clothed! Enjoy a variety of coordination!
★ can also be a full-fledged fishing! It appeared many fish ★
Squid and octopus, catch up crab in tuna! You can also cook in it caught tail fish!
★ friends and together fun to play ★ and
Let’s go to play to friends of the island aboard the ship! Sometimes you find the lucky items in the friends of the island!
★ also corresponds to the Android tablet terminal ★
★ charging prevention protect mounted by erroneous operation ★
★ you can play even without network ★
It has the necessary features some communication ※.

————————————————– ——–
Island building simulation game of “Kumabea”
Download of “Hoshino Island Nyanko” Free!
Cumbersome registration and difficult operation is also unnecessary!
————————————————– ——–

~ Adults are also trying to reach children even to Hoshino Island –

Nyanko-tachi Chase the time of the long boat …
It was attached to Hoshino form of mysterious island …
The plow Hata, to make a chicken Goya …
We built a small Omise …
It is soon of Omise completed —

– Co. Koropura provide –
【ver 2.4.25】

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