ぼくは航空管制官4 セントレア 1.0.0 Cheat MOD APK

ぼくは航空管制官4 セントレア 1.0.0 Cheat MOD APK

ぼくは航空管制官4 セントレア 1.0.0 Cheat MOD APK - An Overview

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 ぼくは航空管制官4 セントレア Hack

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「ぼくは航空管制官4 セントレア」がクラウドゲームになってアプリで登場!






航空関係の仕事といえばパイロットやフライトアテンダントなどを思い浮かべる方が 多いでしょう。

Android 4.2以降(※一部非対応端末がございます)
© TechnoBrain CO.,LTD. /© Broadmedia GC Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Normal price 7,800 yen (without additional charges) trial play 30 minutes free!
Adults go crazy, air traffic control puzzle game

[Unnecessary large capacity Download] [App size lightweight]
This application, use the cloud technology to handle all the server side, high-definition games via a Wi-Fi connection with your existing smartphone or tablet is a streaming service that can play.
You can easily play without the storage space of your device to worry about.

◇ the instruction manual, you can see the Airport guide!
Tap the “Instruction Manual” button on the TOP screen at the time of application start-up you can see the instruction manual.
In addition, after app purchase “Airport Guide” is also viewable!

* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *
[Game introduction]
Adults go crazy, air traffic control puzzle game!
“Air Traffic Controller 4 Centrair” appeared in the app is in the cloud game!
If so aviation radio can understand while you are playing, you also join the ranks of “traffic controllers”!
As air traffic controllers, it is a game that aircraft taking off and landing to instruct so that it can be operated safely.

▼ stage of Airport ▼
“Central Japan International Airport Centrair”. Japan is of course as Asia and Europe of the base, is a 24-hour operation possible Floating airport was built in Ise Bay. Taxiway connecting the runway and passenger terminal are without waste functional arrangement, it has been designed to allow efficient operation.

▼ “fun to watch, playing fun” stage is packed! ! ▼
● fun to watch point
And large transport aircraft “Dream Lifter” flying
It can not be seen only in Centrair in Japan
Dream Lifter (747-400LCF) is, appeared in outstanding presence in the game!

· Popular of the “runway tour” simulated experience
In camera of movement of the first installed, the “runway tour” popular in Centrair simulated experience!
Like in the point of view as if riding a bus, you can admire the airports and aircraft.

● playing fun point
– traffic controllers of the arm of Misedokoro. Trying to deal with the trouble and gimmicks (trick)!
Flight training to be carried out painted the interval of regular flights operated. Or it can be performed without training issuing a delay in take-off and landing aircraft is, the key to stage capture
Very dangerous for the take-off and landing of aircraft …. The surrounding runway careful attention must be paid?
Runway may become unavailable for a variety of reasons. Serve an accurate indication assess the timing!
Besides, element miss further liven up the game! Aim! Skilled air traffic controllers!

▼ How To Play ▼
Players become the air traffic controller gives an instruction so that the aircraft can be operated safely and efficiently, we aim to clear the stage.
Operation is very simple! Select the aircraft only to tap the “instruction button”.
Since the situation by the instruction content and timing will vary from moment to moment, precise and accurate judgment on the stage clear is required.
If the game is over it is also possible to resume play from the middle of a replay.

* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *
◆ The “Air Traffic Controller”?
Since its launch in 1998, is passionate support from a broad range not aviation enthusiasts only
Long-selling air traffic control puzzle game.
Speaking of the work of the aviation relationship it would be many people think of such as a pilot or flight attendant.
However, for the aircraft to safely operating the airport, it is essential support of air traffic controllers.
It was in easy game to understand the work of such traffic controllers. Guests can enjoy air traffic control to anyone easily the existence of the airport on the stage.

* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *
■ This app, we always 3Mbps or more of streaming communication will occur. Communication is in an unstable environment there are times when the app is not normal behavior. Taking into account that the amount of communication is large, please use a stable broadband connection.
■ before you buy, please check the operation at trial play.
■ not available save function in the trial play.
■ After the cancellation of the purchase, a refund, such as correspondence can not be accepted.
■ app in the following situations will end.
Wait at least 15 minutes in the background
– the non-operation state is 3 hours continuously
– maximum continuous play time (18 hours) reached
· Bandwidth shortage of available line occurs
※ during game play it is recommended that you save diligently.
※ For more details, please refer to the (FAQ / FAQ).
[Supported OS]
Android 4.2 or later (※ There is some non-compatible terminal)
1. Regarding the operation of non supported OS will be supported outside.
2. Even the corresponding OS, does not necessarily guarantee the work with the most recent OS.
3. by the Wi-Fi environment, which is available (some paid Wi-Fi service), if the game video to be delivered in streaming and the like get Kaku, can not successfully play, each Wi-Fi in your contract please contact us to service customer support.
◇ app introduction site
© TechnoBrain CO., LTD. / © Broadmedia GC Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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