ドッキリ神回避2 -脱出ゲーム  Cheat MOD APK

ドッキリ神回避2 -脱出ゲーム Cheat MOD APK

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 ドッキリ神回避2 -脱出ゲーム Hack

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Trying to avoid a Shot hidden in the everyday, the 2. Escape-guessing-based game.

Principal of long talk, the entrance front of the dog.
Chicken breeding shed, his brother became lost.
You can not seem to extricate the protagonist from a serious crisis to visit one after another.

■ How to Play
• When the screen Tap to occur many things.
– Sometimes you may want to get the item.
Item can be used with drag-and-drop.

■ Recommended point
– Free of simple, escape (escape), mystery solving game.
Stage looks fun, such as a cartoon!
– cute, with loose character tic illustrations, play regardless of the boys, girls!
And peace of mind even in children because it is easy in a fully free. To picture books instead of the usual. Recommended for Mom!
– “there is a” day-to-day because elements packed, also the topic making at school!
– Are you aging of the brain? GOOD also to brain training at a moderate difficulty

■ stage introduction
01. try to avoid hot burns.
02. whole school meeting of the school, try to avoid falling asleep while listening to a long talk of the principal teacher.
Trying to avoid a 03. not fly vaulting horse.
04. try to avoid the escape from a mysterious light that found in the bamboo grove.
Try to avoid the horror experience at 05. thrill ride.
They met in the 06. forest, trying to avoid before getting caught in the guy.
07. try to avoid an emergency situation that occurs in the way of up to friends.
08. try to avoid the cold water coming down from the sky.
Trying to avoid the chicken guarding the 09. egg.
10. try to avoid the insects that are in the forest.
11. try to avoid becoming the last place in the relay marathon.
12. try to avoid the jellyfish floating in the sea.
13. try to avoid the guard dogs that are kept in a neighbor’s house.
14. try to avoid Daikyo of fortune.
15. try to avoid the meat remains raw.
16. escaped from the aquarium turtle is trying to avoid from becoming missing.
17. try to avoid the psychic phenomena that came out from the television.
18. try to avoid so that it is not stolen a grilled fish from the cat.
19. try to avoid losing so that it is not pushed out in the game of the wrestlers.
20. try to avoid the poi will be torn prior to scoop the goldfish.
21. try to avoid the younger brother to become lost in the zoo.
22. try to avoid the insects that are waiting in the way.
23. try to avoid the hook of the problem so as not to make a mistake in a quiz competition.
24. try to avoid the distress in the uninhabited island of lonely.
25. try to avoid to get lost in the department store.
26. try to avoid so as not to Barre is identity on Christmas night.
27. try to avoid the failure so that the target can be cleared.
28. try to avoid so as not to create a bad rice.
29. try to avoid so as not to protrude the white line.
30. try to avoid so as not to be found by the police at the museum.

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