ナントカテレビショッピング ~自由気ままに放送を楽しもう~  Cheat MOD APK

ナントカテレビショッピング ~自由気ままに放送を楽しもう~ Cheat MOD APK

ナントカテレビショッピング ~自由気ままに放送を楽しもう~ Cheat MOD APK - An Overview

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 ナントカテレビショッピング ~自由気ままに放送を楽しもう~ Hack

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有名な刀匠が鍛えた逸品。肉も魚も、電線をも断ち切る包丁 刃渡りも90cmありラクラク快適




■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ somehow TV shopping ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■

– daily life “bright, fun.” –

To enrich your life, we will continue to strive.

■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □

Anyone can easily enjoy the world of TV shopping, free simulation game.
May come out is a commodity, such as seen in such as that handmade mail order …!

[Let’s make you only program in the easy operation! ]
● Select products and guest studio, trying to air the TV shopping

Determine the ① catch copy

② tell the goodness of goods, determine the performance

Determine the ③ purchaser of the voice of the VTR

④ determine the bonus of goods

[Try to increase the types of products! ]
– to buy a new product, let’s increase the on-air content

[Guest trying to cast contract! ]
· Unique guest us and make a connection, you’ll have appeared on TV shopping

[Studio production]
Studio to produce, Earn audience

★ there is such a product! ★
■ Miracle Soy Supplements
 Raw soybean raw materials that have been discarded
■ original all-purpose kitchen knife
 Gem famous swordsmith has been trained. Meat nor fish, happy to comfortable there 90cm also a kitchen knife blade length to break even the wire
■ nano Milky Essence
 Which was changed to paste the label of emulsions that are sold at 100 yen shop
■ α Aojiru
 Healthy drinking water as a result became it Ppoku obtained by mixing the roadside weeds
■ electric toothbrush
 It seems to be the rotation of 10,000 times per minute in theory
■ Golf Club
 What nondescript golf club. Progress is up to the effort of the person
■ wig
 To which the tried to Serve the volume to the top to the limit Narenohate Wig
■ crab
 Like crab-ish something. When delivered is okay because to deliver removed from the shell
■ medicated soap
 Also safe medicinal soap for those allergic retention
■ sword of legend
 Sword of the legendary hero is rumored to have been used when you subdue the devil a long time ago
The other to be in the mail-order appeared a lot of popular items

★ such a unique guest appeared! ★

■ Kang-Bains
 Better than absent, like that
■ Ito
 Consumer electronics entertainer to receive a large number of appearances request from the national consumer electronics retailer
■ Panther Sachiko
 I would back in time sale of 5:00 pm, like the Morning
■ Haruka
 State-of-the-art science laboratory director, there is a compelling
■ election
 It seems to have survived from 200 years ago in the record
 Celebrity that has made a review videos on the famous video site, real name is Hideki Tamagawa
■ Monsieur Taniguchi
 Famous chef of the French way home, popular with Madame
■ Joe
 Famous hairdresser in the industry, which has worked on many of the entertainers
 Self-take system Cinderella the height of the self-take of technology has become a hot topic in SNS
■ Bob
 Also Japanese born and raised parents
■ clean swan
 Cleaning by making full use clean favorite entertainers, all the tricks
■ Shogun
 Old-fashioned person dignified, anyway bossy
■ Daniel Mrs.
 The venerable family of women, was recently remember the personal computer
■ Richie Yamada
 IT companies, president of the self-proclaimed total assets of 1 trillion yen
■ King
 Bow down even viewers to overflowing Royalty
■ E.G.
 Individuality target greens look Roh Nevada grew Roh Americans

Let Taste the entertainer mood easily play Shopping simulation game for free.
If TV is like, it is recommended for people who are using the mail order!

App Information of ナントカテレビショッピング ~自由気ままに放送を楽しもう~ Cheat MOD APK

Apk Name ナントカテレビショッピング ~自由気ままに放送を楽しもう~
Package Name mod_ air.jp.globalgear.tvs.apk
Version mod
Rating ( 6487 )
Size 34.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Simulation


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