少女 歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -Re LIVE- 1.0.15 Cheat MOD APK

少女 歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -Re LIVE- 1.0.15 Cheat MOD APK

Description of 少女 歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -Re LIVE-

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 少女 歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -Re LIVE- Hack

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「少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト」の新たな展開を楽しめる本格派RPGです。










Android OS5.0以上
OpenGL ES 3.0以上


※快適に『少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -Re LIVE-』をお楽しみ頂くには、Wi-Fi環境でのプレイを推奨致します。

※このアプリケーションには、株式会社Live2Dの 「Live2D」が使用されています。



◆ A new story of stage girls opens
A large volume game original story drawn by Voice & Live 2 D by luxury cast.
Musical, 9 people from St. Xiang Music School appearing in animation, as well as 15 people in the game original stage girls appeared!
It is an authentic RPG that you can enjoy new developments of “Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight”.

◆ a powerful review drawn in full 3D!
A turn-based battle system of a new sense that reproduced the brilliance of the stage girl, powerfulness.
Simple but wide-ranging strategy and plenty of elements to take in!

◆ Songs that appeared in the works also appeared one after another!
Over 10 songs in initial music!
Such as animation OP “Star Dialogue” and game theme song “Discovery!”
The songs performed by the stage girls direct the review!
Songs will be added one after another!

◆ Stage girls played by familiar cast and gorgeous voice actors
□ St. Xiang Music School
Ai Castle Hua Love (Oyama Hyakyo)
Hikari Kagura (Suzuko Mimori)
Maeda Maya (TAida Maho)
Hoshimi Junna (Sato Hyuga)
Masahiro Tsuzaki (Iwata Yo Ao)
Oza Nana (Moka Koizumi)
Saijo Clodine (Aiba Aiba)
Ishikuba Futaba (Ikuta Teru)
Kanako Hanayagi (Aya Ito)

□ Little Minkan Girls School
Tomoeo (Kun Suki and Mori)
Ichika Izoei (Waki Azu Not)
Yume Ohji sentence (Reiko Kurachi)
Autumn style base (Usher Funaki)
Yuko Tanaka (Saori Iori)

□ Frontier Art School
There is Otsuki (Megumi Ban)
Kobo Miyuki (Akina Takekuma)
Nonomiya Lalafin (Miharu Tomita)
Ebisu Tsukasa (Kato Eri Misato)
Phalaenopsis wing (Mr. Sasaki future)

□ Siegfeld Institute of Music
Akihisa Yukiro (Nomoto Hotaru)
Michiru Otori (Ozaki Yuka)
Ryu Mayfang (Takeuchi Yume)
Shiori Yume (Hikaru Tono)
Tsuruhime Ochiyo (Haruaki Kudo)

◆ Official website

◆ Official Twitter

◆ Price
Application Body: Basic Free
※ There are some charged items.

Recommended terminals
Android OS 5.0 or later
OpenGL ES 3.0 or later

* Please understand kindly that we can not provide support, compensation, etc. at recommended terminals.

* To enjoy comfortably “Girl ☆ opera review story light – Re LIVE -“, we recommend playing in the Wi – Fi environment.

* For this application, “Live2D” of Live2D Co., Ltd. is used.

※ Some games may not work smoothly depending on some environment and terminal usage situation.
It may be improved by exiting the application, turning off the terminal, clearing the cache, etc.

※ Please make sure to check the terms of use from “Inside” in the application before using.

[Notice to those who use Android device]
For security reasons, it is not possible to start the stiler if USB debugging is turned on.
Please turn off the settings of the device> Settings> Developer Options> USB debugging.
We apologize for any inconvenience and we apologize.
We look forward to your continued support.

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