新 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss  Cheat MOD APK

新 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss Cheat MOD APK

新 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss Cheat MOD APK - An Overview

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 新 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss Hack

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・映画やドラマ、恋愛小説が好き ・イケメンと恋愛をしてみたい ・恋愛ドラマアプリを楽しんでみたい
・恋愛ゲームには興味あるけど、オタクっぽいのはちょっと… ・ラブストーリー、少女漫画・コミックが好き ・無料で恋アプリをプレイしたい
・恋人、彼氏にナイショで恋がしてみたい方 ・女性向け恋愛アプリ、乙女ゲームに目がない方


『王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss』では以下にご注意ください。
◆ Synopsis ◆
“Tired. A little dated.”
The identity of the colleague who was next to … Prince! ?

In the castle of the party that has been brought suddenly
I met the seven people of Prince.

“Because Anta is my partner.”

Start moving the miracle of love with Prince …!

◆ of the story How to play ◆
Very simple game of how to proceed!
1. Start the application and press the “right now start the love.”
2. Pick your favorite of his
3. While continue reading the story, select the option, it will shorten the distance with him
4. All the main ending in four! Whether you are greeted a happy ending, your choice as soon as!
5. Love with a prince does not end still!
Such as sequel and extra edition, sweet story will be added every month

◆ other than the story fun element ◆
It is possible to up the change of clothes and “attractive” to cute dress!
If you go to the party by up attractive accumulated is “Princess degree”, progress is love with him!

It can be cute makeover also the castle that you have to live!
When the castle decorate the interior, there is also that the Prince has come to play!

◆ Recommended user ◆
 And film and drama, I want to enjoy the look you want-love drama application to the love romance novels is a love-handsome
– I want to enjoy the love simulation game
I – is to love the game of interest, want to play the love app in the geeky for a little … Love Story, girl comic-comic love-Free
– like the free game from the usual
– lover, who do not have eyes in the try wants people and women for love app you are, maiden game love in secret to boyfriend
· Voice, like the voice actors voice (the voice is app only)
Fashion, cosmetics, like the Interior
Avatar likes to dress up the
In addition, recommended for all women, maiden!
The ultimate love game!

◆ About App company voltage ◆
 Co. voltage is, on the theme of “drama of love and fight”, offers easy to enjoy story type content “drama app” in the mobile terminal.
Familiar “love drama app” even TVCM is, he becomes a heroine, you can experience the love story of the opponent and the ideal of taste.
Currently We deliver more than 80 titles, it has been played all over the world.
In addition, in November 2015 you can also enjoy “suspense app” of the latest delivery also start man, now enjoy a story-type content to more people.
Voltage will continue to the future, committed to high content production-quality.

◆ Notes ◆
Please note the following in the “Prince of the proposal Eternal Kiss”.
• In the off-line it will not work. Please start by always Internet connection possible state. (There is a case where data may be damaged)
When the app is uninstalled, purchased items, it will be deleted data in the play all.
· Purchased so you can not respond to the refund of the item, please note.
And other details, please be sure to check the “Terms and Conditions” in the app.

App Information of 新 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss Cheat MOD APK

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