Download ? Learn animals: animal sounds ✔ MOD APK

Download ? Learn animals: animal sounds ✔ MOD APK

Download ? Learn animals: animal sounds ✔ MOD APK - An Overview

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 ? Learn animals: animal sounds ✔ Hack

? Animals simulator for baby: you can learn more about farm and forest animals, wild animals, aquatic animals, polar animals and pet cries.
This app allows you to easily learn about zoo animals and their shouts in a short period of time.

? Learn animals – puzzle game for babies and children: learning and memory of the cries of dogs, goats, turkeys, duck, sheep, elephant, bird, cat and rooster fox and raven and giraffe, tiger and more from the complete list of animals are present in this application that will help your little child develop his vocabulary and improve his language.

⚽ The game is very easy, just touch the screen to hear the sounds and sounds of the animal list, their names and their characteristics. Even a baby can play without the help of an adult!

?As educational games, we put in your hands an application to learn the names of animals and their voice (song) in different languages:
– Learn the names of animals in French.
– Learn the names of animals in English.
– Learn the names of animals in Spanish.
– Learn the names of animals in German.
– Learn the names of animals in Italian.
– Learn the names of animals in Portuguese.
– Learn the names of animals in Arabic.

? Try it now and get ready for a fun and educational experience.

① HD graphic design
② The best types of learning styles and methods
③ Game and teachers at the same time
④ We also used a great way to draw animals and animations on our app.

♬ The names of the animal sounds used in the preschool app:
rabbit’s voice: clapi, squeaks or whines
Lion’s voice: Roar, roared
Snake voice: whistle
the voice of the duck: cancer or nasal
Cow’s voice: bellow, mugit
the sound of the owl: ulula, hue or hoop
bull voice: muff
voice of the camel: blatère
Horse voice: hennit
voice of the donkey: brait
voice of the dove: coos
Tiger voice: Feule, meow, hoarse or rattle
voice of the pig: Qubba,
bear’s voice: growls, growls, screams or mutters
the voice of the hen: a hymn, cackling, giggle or cretella
voice of the dolphin: whistle, whistles
rooster voice: sings, cockroach or coqueline
the sound of the fly: humming, buzzing and roaring
voice of the giraffe: no name
the voice of the quail: cacabe, carcasse or margote
the sound of the frog: croak (laugh)
cries of the birds: sings, chirps, chirps, babbles, ramage or whistles
the voice of the crow: croasse,
voices of the goat: beast or beguest
sound of the mouse: creaks, squeaks
voice of the elephant: barete or barrite, neem
voice of the monkey: shout, scream or laugh
cries of cat: meow, fel or purr and meow
Shouting sheep
dog cries: bark, bark, scream, growl or clabaude and barking
are bees: buzzes and tinnitus
voice of the Tiger: feule, meow, hoarse or rattle and dirty
voice of the eagle: trumpet where glitters and hissing
Wolf Crie: Howls

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Names of all animals and their forms, and how to pronounce their names in several languages.

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