Free Download Destructive physics: slowmo demolitions simulation MOD APK

Free Download Destructive physics: slowmo demolitions simulation MOD APK

Free Download Destructive physics: slowmo demolitions simulation MOD APK - An Overview

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 Destructive physics: slowmo demolitions simulation Hack

Realistic buildings destruction by rocket, bomb explosions with realistic physics of destroyed wreckage and slow motion. Realistic simulator demolition of buildings – an epic explosion will blow everything into pieces.Turn a house, tower with the furniture inside into dust and ashes or destroy the detailed wall standing alone in the area by bomb in slow motion. A bomb is a real TNT charge mixed with an atomic bomb. The game is a sandbox-simulator with realistic physics of destruction and explosions of rockets. Demolish tower, abandoned house, building with sandbox simulator. Disassembly skyscrappers.
Undermine everything around and adjust the amount of debris for better optimization. Clear all or half of the debris to speed up the simulation/change its speed and quality of physics simulation. Slow down time, stop time and break, destroy houses and buildings. Do not forget about explosions. Explode towers, skyscrapers! Detonate sandbox! Make the castle, apartments collapse!
Destructive physics is about cool explosions and physical shatter destructions! Blow upp stuff with physical destructions! BOOM TNT!
Only 1 new map 🙁
But old maps were changed 🙂
Better physics
Minor bug fixes

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