LogiBrain Binary  Cheat MOD APK

LogiBrain Binary Cheat MOD APK

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 LogiBrain Binary Hack

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4 difficulty levels, 5 different sizes …. hundreds of unique grids to play.

LogiBrain Binary is a new challenging logic puzzle game. Although the binary puzzle consists only of zeros and ones, solving is certainly not easy.

LogiBrain Binary includes 733 puzzles in different sizes and different levels of difficulty; easy (1 star), medium (2 stars), hard (3 stars), very hard (4 stars);
– 120 puzzles in size 6×6
– 174 puzzles in size 8×8
– 146 puzzles in size 10×10
– 147 puzzles in size 12×12
– 146 puzzles in size 14×14

LogiBrain Binary seems simple, but it is yet addictive! We can guarantee you hours of fun and logic.

What are binary puzzles?
A binary puzzle is a logic puzzle in which numbers should be placed in boxes. Most grids consist of 10×10 boxes, but there are also 6×6, 8×8, 12×12 and 14×14 grids. The aim is to fill a grid with ones and zeros. In a given puzzle are already a number of boxes filled. You must fill in the remaining boxes which must respect the following rules:

1. Each box should contain a “1” or a “0”.
2. No more than two similar numbers next to each other in a row.
3. Each row should contain an equal number of zeros and ones (14×14 grids at each row/column 7 ones and 7 zeros).
4. Each row and each column is unique (No two rows and columns are exactly the same).

Each binary puzzle has only one correct solution, this solution can always be found without gambling!

The first click on the empty field sets the field to “0”, a second click to “1”, a third click empties the field.

Simple rules but hours of puzzle fun.

☆ 4 difficulty levels
☆ 5 grid sizes (6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 14×14)
☆ 733 puzzles and more with each update (no hidden in app purchases, all puzzles are free)
☆ Search for errors and highlight them
☆ Automatic saving
☆ Supports tablets
☆ Check for errors and remove them
☆ Get a hint or the complete solution when you want
☆ Go steps back and forth
☆ A great workout for your mind

Find duos (2 same numbers)
Because no more than two of the same digits may be next to or placed under each other, duos can be complemented by the other digit.

Avoid trios (3 same numbers)
If two cells contain the same figure with an empty cell in between, this empty cell can be filled in with the other digit.

Fill rows and columns
Each row and each column has the same number of zeroes and ones. If the maximum number of zeroes has been reached in a row or column it can be filled in a one in the other cells, and vice versa.

Eliminate other impossible combinations
Make sure that certain combinations may or may not be possible in rows or columns.

If you like LogiBrain Binary, please take the time to give us a nice review. This helps us to make the app even better, thanks in advance!

The puzzles in LogiBrain Binary are also known as Takuzu, Binaro, Binero, Binairo, Binary Puzzle, Tohu wa Vohu, Tohuwabohu, Bento or Binary Sudoku.

* Game data is stored on your device. Save data cannot be transferred between devices, nor can it be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

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– Website: http://www.pijappi.com

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App Information of LogiBrain Binary Cheat MOD APK

Apk Name LogiBrain Binary
Package Name mod_ com.pijappi.logibrainbinary.apk
Version mod
Rating ( 150 )
Size 23.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.3+
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

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